AI and blockchain – a powerful combination

 I was invited to enlighten the crowd at the flagship event, London Blockchain Week in January 2018, on the uses of AI for blockchain and vice versa: uses of blockchain […]

Transforming energy consumption

I was invited to speak at the London Blockchain and Energy summit in November 2017. An enoyable event with fellow blockchain practitioners and energy industry veterans. It appears that blockchain […]

“Blockchain is maturing nicely”

Washington DC, July 2017 This was my inspirational quote in the summer of 2017 when invited to speak at the “Blockchain: State of Play” panel in Washington, DC, for the BlockchainDC […]

Self-driving cars: AI’s big bet

The car has had a remarkable impact on human history in the past 170 years since the first four wheelers hit the roads. From a mechanical challenger to the established […]

AI watchdogs: do we need them?

The recent advances of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and remarkable progress has caused concern, even alarm to some of the world’s best known luminaries and entrepreneurs. We’ve seen calls in the […]