Self-driving cars: AI’s big bet

The car has had a remarkable impact on human history in the past 170 years since the first four wheelers hit the roads. From a mechanical challenger to the established means of transport at the turn of the 20th century to its dominant status throughout the 20th century as the […]

AI’s impact on jobs: (not) the elephant in the room

 AI driven automation is happening. It benefits the most and it causes anxiety, even fear, to many more. It has captured the imagination of many futurists and occupies prime time in the diaries of core global decision makers at governments, large corporations, policy makers, and every individual. But there is […]

AI watchdogs: do we need them?

The recent advances of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and remarkable progress has caused concern, even alarm to some of the world’s best known luminaries and entrepreneurs. We’ve seen calls in the popular press for watchdogs to keep an eye on uses of AI technology for our own sanity and safety. Is […]

The transformative power of AI: handle with care

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become of age. Since its very early days, from the Dartmouth Conference in the mid 50s, and the early research labs in Europe and Japan , AI has grown considerably and these days enjoys widespread recognition and awe from practitioners and beneficiaries of AI technology. AI […]

6 vulnerabilities of blockchain technology and how we will overcome them

“the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious”, T.Levitt Blockchain technology is an exciting and fascinating topic: In its short 8 years of existence, it attracted massive attention from the world’s brainiest folks, billions of dollars in funding, spurred thousands of new companies (startups mostly), promises to […]