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Writing means a lot to me….I do it for leisure when blogging or chatting with friends, and I also do it professionally. In fact, I have been trained to write professionally in the most unforgiving environment: academic publishing. When I started writing academic papers for conferences, journals, and other related events, I had to learn how to communicate my ideas and findings in a communal and novel manner that allow the reader to comprehend the idea and elaborate on it….it is not as easy at it may sounds; coping with constructive criticism matters a lot as does the quality and topic of your writing: a blurb about how to set up an automatic synchronization process between your PDA and home desktop PC is hardly compelling or novel.

So, 13 years since I published my very first academic paper, here I am: 72 publications in internationally renowned conferences, workshops, symposia, journals and other related events, and 2 edited books: an edited volume on semantic interoperability for information systems integration, and an edited volume on advanced knowledge technologies.

A full list of all of my publications is a impractical to list in a site like this, but here's a pointer to Southampton ePrints archive which is up-to-date:

List of publications

I am also using writing to communicate the results of my consultancy and services. When I do not deliver or being involved in producing software code; writings, like a due diligence report, is the main deliverable. But these are client specific artefacts and cannot be disclosed publicly.

I do, however, include pointers to some of my favourite publications with regards to relevant technology sections on this site.


Here's a selection of presentations I delivered in the past:

Information flow based ontology mapping (2002)

Organisational memories and ontologies (2002)

Ontologies and decision making (2004)

Vulnerabilities of the semantic web (2004)

Ontology coordination (2004)


CROSI project (2005)


Semantic integration (2005)


Advanced Knowledge Technologies (2005)


Living with the semantic gap (2006)

Reasoning of the semantic web (2007)


e-Response and semantic technologies (2007)

Semantics and e-Government (2007)


Web 2.0 and mobile web (2007)


Semantic technologies at work (2007)


Semantic web applications (2007)


Semantic technologies as investment (2007)


SPARQL and SQL (2008)


Portable Ontology Alignment (2008)



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